MenOver30 Video: Hole Therapy


Where the boys at? We’re not sure but they ain’t here. We got all the hot MEN in the house. Brenn Wyson is back and it’s his birthday. Making 39 look effortless, Brenn is in for a special treat as Phenix Saint makes his triumphant return. Gone are the surfer locks and boyish body, Phenix has re-emerged very much a man. Short hair, abs and 20lbs + of lean muscles in all the right places—we are loving the new look. These two spell trouble together and it’s gonna be a crazy set. We asked them if they are just as wild at home as they are on set. They both break out in hysterics as they confess they’re 10X worse at home. Gotta love ’em. They are both exactly where they want to be in life and appreciate who they’ve become. Neither of them would change a thing. If these two wrote tell all diaries we couldn’t find a bookshelf able to hold them without catchin’ fire. We asked where was the craziest place they’d gotten it on. Phenix did it in a packed movie theater while Brenn is a proud member of the Mile High Club. “I called my Dad and said, ‘Dad, I joined the Mile High Club’ and he answered, “Welcome fellow member!” Brenn laughs. The apple doesn’t fall too far, does it?

Category: Hunks Gay
Added on: szeptember 29, 2020

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