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Josh is the swim teams massage therapist. The team has been raving about how great he is with his hands. Josh has a magical touch some would say plus he relieves all the built up stress your body holds in from the constant swim practices. Javier is on his way to see Josh so he can check out his thigh muscle that he pulled the following week in practice. Josh is fully prepped once Javier shows up. Javier tells him the spots that need working on and Josh sets everything into motion. Javier is relaxed and feeling great as Josh’s hands move slowly exploring every curve and muscle on Javier. The magical hands are in motion rubbing, gripping and tugging everywhere that is needed. Josh notices the bulge on Javier and assures him that it’s normal and to take them off to feel more comfortable. Javier reveals his hard cock straight up in the air. Josh can already see that this will be a full service type of massage. He wraps his mouth around Javier’s hard throbbing cock taking it deep into his mouth pleasuring every inch of his dick. While sucking his dick Javier begins to tug on Josh’s cock pulling it out of his shorts. They both suck each other while Javier is naked laid out on the table. They proceed to 69 until Javier wants to fuck Josh. Josh loves when he gets fucked by a member of the swim team so he lubes his ass right up and rides Javier’s cock. Finally Javier fucks the cum right out of Josh as they both leave their warm loads all over his chest.

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Added on: szeptember 29, 2020

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