Freshmen – Jack Harrer & Kian O’Connor


Freshmen – Jack Harrer & Kian O’Connor
Jack’s back this week in a very special update with Hungarian God, Kian O’Connor. This one is surely a scene to be remembered for a long time. As we experience our day to day life in quarantine, almost any surprise is welcome. So, this surprise- Jack bottoming- should be a feast to the fans starved for change. The fact that he’s bottoming for Freshman hotty Kian O’Connor whose dick is as big as Jack’s should banish all boredom and lift your spirits as well as your pants. Well, GD promised him his new Hungarian partner’s cock would be large and thick and it’s no surprise that GD keeps his word. It’s also no shock that Jack is, after all these years, still a great bottom.

Added on: szeptember 17, 2021

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