Czech Hunter 336-– BOY FROM THE SUBWAY


Czech Hunter 336
This hot new episode from CzechHunter brings us a super cute young called Vlasta the hunter discovered in the subway in Prague.
It’s winter and it’s cold and grey in Prague. People try to spend as little time outdoors as possible, so the subway is a good choice to look for hot young guys for the next episode of CzechHunter.

It doesn’t take long and the hunter discovers a very cute young guy. He gets his camera out and starts filming. The young lad finds this creepy and gives him a sceptical look.

When the boy gets out of the subway, the hunter follows him. On the street, he catches up to him and starts a conversation. His name is Vlasta and he’s on his way home. He has his own place nearby.

That sounds promising, but the hunter has to be careful not to scare him away. The hunter agrees that filming people in the subway is in fact creepy in a way and the laugh about it.

Added on: július 3, 2021

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