BEMUTAKOZIK -Parker Rowe kőkemény erekció (Vincent Maddox)


BEMUTAKOZIK -Parker Rowe fiatal és karcsú srác-(Vincent Maddox)
We first met Parker 5 years ago when we brought you his first set of pictures. At the time Eliot didn’t have a video cameraman with him, so we thought we just has an orphaned set of pictures. As it turns out, Eliot felt bad about depriving us of the video, so he reshot Parker a couple of weeks later and we are able to bring you his 2nd set of pictures… along with a video this week. While not a huge fan of smiling, Parker has perfected the ‘sexy pout’ for us here today, as well as the ‘rock hard erection’ and ‘the amazing cumshot’. Overall Parker is a very sexy lad so we are happy to be able to bring you this pho session. For the eagle eyed amongst you, we also used this apartment as an indoor location for some of our ‘Scandal in the Vatican’ scenes….

Actors: Parker Rowe
Added on: február 5, 2021

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